Heritage Bag Infectious Waste Bag - 40x46

Heritage Bag Infectious Waste Bag - 40x46

Item # HB-A8046PR

  • Made from the highest quality raw materials. Manufactured to meet rigid state and federal regulations. Resistant puncture, leaking and abrasion failure.
  • 1.3 Grade, Printed Red
  • Capacity: 40-45 Gallon
40 x 46, Waste, 200/cs
Manufacturer #A8046PR

Printed Red for Infectious Waste and Printed Yellow for Infectious Linen.

1.3 Grade, Printed Red. Capacity: 40-45 Gallon.

  • Meets federal and state regulations for tear resistance of 480 grams (ASTM D1922-94a) and impact resistance of 165 grams (ASTM D1709-97)
  • Tested for load capacity & seal integrity
  • Individually folded for easy dispensing
  • Safe for incineration
  • Bags fit most hamper & hospital carts
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